Superspeed 1 Conversion, Color Line

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Recent Projects:

Superspeed 1 Conversion, Color Line

Svalövs Hotell

Continuous rebuilding, upgrading and restyling of all hotel rooms for this local country hotel. We use antiques and local artists. A nice change from the demands of shipbuilding....

Architectural design for new Bluefins Pizza restaurant with 490 seats, adapat existing design for Bluefins lounge, rebuild design for Color Shop and Perfume. Works done at STX Helsinki.

Marina Svetaeva - Penola Shipping Cosmetic upgrade designs for this 100 pax expedition ship.

It´s amazing what  some fresh paint, new carpets, a little new furniture and a good carpenter could do for the old girl.

The essence of this ship lies not in the superficial but rather in the intellectuell and the remote and exotic places she brings her passengers to, We focused on the functions and remodelling of library, suite, reception, corridors and cabins . Still more to be done...

Color Magic,  Color Line

Refurbishment and introduction of new accessories shop Fashionize! and Perfume & Cosmetics extention with hairdresser.


Color Viking,  Color Line

Refurbishment of Bris Café, including totally new food counter and service areas. approx 600 m2

Color Viking,  Color Line

New Kids shop

Logo, flooring by Kinnison Design

Units by New Store Europe

Color Viking,  Color Line

Total refurbishment of Tax Free, Perfume & Cosmetics.

Approx 600 m2


SuperSpeed 2

Refurbishment of public spaces:

New Seating Lounge

New Family Lounge


Food Zone



Fashion Shop